Look good, lead well – Stef Mouchie.

Who We Are

Our Stand for Women
At Stef Mouchie, we are standing up for all women to reach their true potential and to become everything they have ever dreamed of becoming. When a woman says that she wants to do something, we tell her to go for it. We want women everywhere to know that we are on their side, equipping them with the look that they need to follow through on their leadership visions, preparing them to feel all the confidence and surety that they need to thrive in even the highest-pressure environments.
Bold Statements
Our goal is to dress women to navigate the world from the leadership positions that we know suit them. We are there to break through the longstanding social biases and falsehoods surrounding women's collective identity, making bold statements through our designs and communicating clearly and unequivocally that we believe any woman can build herself into a larger-than-life figure – and rise to any heights to which she aspires.
Our Reputation in Workwear
Since 2017, Stef Mouchie has developed a reputation for creating workwear that is both elegant and unique. We know how important it is for leaders to look the part, which is why we have committed ourselves to our mission wholeheartedly. While the energy and vigor that goes into leadership may come ultimately from within, it starts from the outside. A woman who dresses like a leader, adorning herself in sharply detailed clothing, is going to command the right kind of attention in the workplace – and find her path into a C-suite smoother and simpler.
Celebrating the Diversity of Modern Women
The style for today's women – anyone who identifies as a woman – Stef Mouchie offers a forward-looking view of gender, empowerment, and fashion. We serve women, androgynous people, and transwomen, working hard to exclude no one and to make all women feel the sangfroid necessary to thrive in the workplace. Our home is in Toronto, one of the most cosmopolitan and progressive cities in the world, which is conducive to our message of gender equality. We want Stef Mouchie to become an emblem of inclusive, inspiring fashion, giving all of our customers the go-ahead to lead.
Our Commitment To Environmental And Social Responsibility
We believe that what you wear also has a profound impact on the planet so we are committed to being transparent about where and how products are made. All Stef Mouchie pieces are ethically manufactured in Toronto under safe work conditions, with employees receiving a fair wage. As a brand, we are committed to making better choices to minimize our social and environmental impact.

Our Empowering Journey: The Stef Mouchie Campaign Video

Witness the essence of Stef Mouchie come to life in our powerful campaign video. Immerse yourself in the world of fashion, empowerment, and self-expression as we showcase our unique collections and the stories behind them. Join us on this inspiring journey as we redefine elegance and elevate confidence.